SATS are over! What next...?

So, SATS are finished for the year, allowing staff, students and parents to breathe a collective sigh of relief! But then... what?

Well, the great news is that BabyShark is an ideal tool to help fill that gap between the SATS and the summer holidays - here's a couple of ideas to get you started:

Yearbook1: The Obvious...

Design a yearbook. While at first glance this looks like a project that can only involve a select few, with a bit of planning and organisation you can get everyone involved. The classroom can be reorganised into a "Publishing Office", or a even a "Media Centre" if you want to go all 21st century. Have elections to decide who does what. Someone needs to be the Editor-in-Chief (often - but not always - a member of staff is best for this), but for every area of your yearbook you can appoint a 'Reporter' or a 'Designer' - someone to write about sports teams, someone to write about performances, someone to collect a "profile" from everyone featured in the book, someone to interview staff, someone to come up with some fun awards and organise voting. Somebody could be in charge of collecting photos, especially if you have a camera in the classroom. BabyShark yearbooks allow students to exercise writing skills, organisational skills, self-reliance, design skills, potentially photography skills and IT skills.

CD Calendar2: Enterprise Project

Design something to be sold at a school fair, performance or summer event of any description - these could be calendars, for example, featuring photos of the school or local area. Students can work on pricing, allowing them to get to grips with concepts such as costs, profit margins, sales and marketing. You could appoint different people to be in charge of designing product adverts, writing a jingle, even filming an advert (for example). Someone could be in charge of the money, giving early experience of cash handling and allowing them to put their maths skills into practice - plus, of course, the designing process exercises the design and IT muscles nicely!

3: Fundraising

Students can look for ways either to fund their own yearbooks or to raise funds for the school, by getting their BabyShark project funded by local businesses in return for advertising. You can run a 'brainstorming' session to decide who you think you could ask (and who is appropriate - for example maybe not the local off-licence!) and how to approach them. You can talk about marketing, advertising and general entrepreneurship in the context of how to raise money from other businesses in return for something useful, then leverage your students design and IT skills into designing their project online and incorporating their sponsor's adverts.